Louise de Kiriline Lawrence
  Another Winter, Another Spring
  A Love Remembered
CHAPTER 1 The Villa on the Hill
CHAPTER 2 The Big House
CHAPTER 3 Social Life and a Vocation
CHAPTER 4 An Unbidden Meeting
CHAPTER 5 Revolution
CHAPTER 6 Within Range of the Possible
CHAPTER 7 The Decision
CHAPTER 8 The Journey
CHAPTER 9 The Stowaway
CHAPTER 10 Archangel
CHAPTER 11 Natalia Ivanovna Speaks
CHAPTER 12 Journey to the Front
CHAPTER 13 Pinega
CHAPTER 14 In No Man's Land
CHAPTER 15 Archangel Once Again
CHAPTER 16 The Retreat
CHAPTER 17 The Issue of Surrender
CHAPTER 18 In a Soviet Prison
CHAPTER 19 The Essence of Liberty
CHAPTER 20 One the Way to Moscow
CHAPTER 21 Moscow
CHAPTER 22 A Desperate Scheme
CHAPTER 23 In Search of Evidence
CHAPTER 24 Petrograd - Leningrad


Gleb Kirilin's letter, 1917
Gleb Kirilin's letter, 1920

Certificate of Louise Kiriline's regaining Swedish citizenship, 1921


Irina Korzun - Memoirs
Chapter 1-2 (Russian)

Chapter 1 (English)